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Georgia Film Orchestra

The Georgia Film Orchestra offers orchestral, symphonic, choral, and vocal music composition and production for a wide variety of film, television, media, and video game clients.

How Do We Do It?

We provide recording and music production services for hybrid and virtual music productions and projects. Our specialty is matching the right balance of the Actual:Virtual performers for your particular concept and professional project needs.

Will the GFO work with you?

Email us your proposal and we will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if we think the Georgia Film Orchestra is a good fit for your project.

The Georgia Film Orchestra Story

The Actual:Virtual Ratio

"The key to the GFO's success is knowing the perfect ratio of actual session musicians to the perfect ratio of virtual session musicians." 

Lee Johnson, composer

Using your music budget where it will be most impacting is very important to us. Today's great music is made in new and ever changing ways. 

The GFO provides these new high-end and cost effective Actual:Virtual music production techniques to all of our clients.

Do I Have To Understand It All?

This might help answer that important question.

Your customers, competitors, and critics  can tell if your production was artful, compelling, and world-class, but they probably can't tell you how they know. Most of them won't dare to try.

You may not understand how the GFO process works but we are certain that you will be able to hear it in the quality of your finished production.

Does the GFO Have Competitors?

The GFO is a part of the music production industry that is crowded with competition.

The great "un-equalizer" in the real music world is the talent and creative capacity of your team. 

It used to be true that the best and most professional music production was done almost exclusively in Los Angeles. 

That is no longer the case.

That's why the Georgia Film Orchestra story is so exciting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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